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Ability to ask for Help = Strength

July 28, 2017

A boy courageously, but unsuccessfully, attempted to move a heavy log to clear a pathway on his hiking trail. His dad stood quietly nearby, watching his son straining against the load. Finally he said, “Son, why aren’t you using all of your strength?”  Confused and disappointed, the boy responded, “Dad, I’m using every last little bit of strength I have!”

“No, son; you’re not,” his dad quietly responded. “You haven’t asked me to help.”

Effective leaders know to reach beyond themselves for strength. They recognize, develop and utilize the strength of people around them. This holds true for effective and healthy organizations; they develop and build healthy strategic partnership both internally and externally.

Strategic partnership is not cliché; even our heaven Father is the embodiment of a perfect partnership. In a truly mystifying way,  there has always been perfect communion, perfect community, and perfect partnership within the divine Trinity. We also have a human example in King David. At one of the lowest moment in his life, David still was intentional in forming relationships with diverse groups of people. When he escaped to the cave of Adullam, 400 men who were distressed or in debt or discontented gathered around him. In addition, David connected with the king of Moab, a political power, who also provided shelter for his parents. Finally, David listened as the prophet Gad offered the fugitive direction from God. The pattern continues throughout his life.  From fighting on the battlefields to preparing the materials for the Temple, David possessed the foresight to know that he couldn’t do it alone.

Before we engage in the routine swipe the screen,  it is good to take a moment to review various partnership we have in our lives. Some relationship adds to our lives, some subtract. May you find the ones that multiple into your lives and stay clear away from the ones that divide!

Taiwan (July 14, 2017)

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