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Being Missional in the Marketplace

July 22, 2016

Marketplace is the heart of the city and nation. When marketplace Christians begin to move in their anointing, the whole world will hear the voice of God. These are statements from mission strategist, Ed Silvoso. The challenge is to transform our own mindset regarding marketplace and missions. The adversaries lie in the unfounded belief that differentiates between Church work and the work of the Church; separation of church and society, clergy and laity, sacred and secular. The truth is that Kingdom advancement is the body of Christ manifesting the God’s love, power and glory to impact every realm of culture; including the marketplace.
John Wimber (1934–1997) was a famous music producer in the early 1960s before becoming one of founding leaders of the Vineyard Movement.  The Beatles had at one time approached Wimber to become their producer.  However, church that Wimber was attending as a young believer believed against the association with the secular or popular culture.  So, Wimber turned down the offer.  Things might have panned out differently if Wimber had accepted that offer, noting the high possibility that the members of The Beatles might have converted to Christianity given Wimber’s evangelistic fervor. It might have been The Beatles could have been a potentially powerful and influential force for God.


There is an important integration of the Church, mission, marketplace and nations.  I firmly believe that God called every believer to be “missional” in their lives and thinking to impact culture; without assigning the responsibility to “missionaries” or only “turn it on” during short-term mission trips. Much of these work are taking place in the market place. Moreover, many mission organizations are re-imagining and re-aligning with this cultural mandate.


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