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Awakened and Positioned for Harvest

February 17, 2016

Living in Asia, I have the honour to see God waking up godly men and women in various countries to their kingdom assignments. Yet there are still many born-again believers who are half-awake spiritually. They have accepted salvation through Jesus Christ. They attend services, read the Bible, and may even be leaders in the church. They may sense or have been taught about the Kingdom of God, but its constructs and impacts are very minor concerns. The analogy is this: why get up early on a Saturday morning if there are no pressing things to wake up to? It is not just a matter of more people waking up to the reality of the Kingdom of God, but receiving our individual kingdom assignment so we can stay awake and be positioned for the harvest!

We tend to talk about the things we love.  We talk about our husband or wife, friends, sports, and hobbies.  We also talk of things that concern us such as politics, finances, and business.  But how often do we speak of lost souls?  How much concern do we have each day for the multitudes still waiting in the gap, the harvest perishing in the fields?

Paul speaks of using the most routine activities such as eating and drinking for the glory of God (I Corinthians 10:31).  Every activity of our lives can be centered on the vision of spiritual harvest.  When this happens it gives new challenge, purpose, and direction to our life as a believer.  Every day becomes an exciting quest to see how we can be part of fulfilling the vision. Until we are awakened and positioned, we will never fully understand our role in the Kingdom of God

When we recognize our personal responsibility to the multitudes in the gap and the vision of the harvest bursts into our spirit, then we become part of a special network.  This network is a group of believers from many nations who have joined together to TRANSFORM the world through the eyes of God and fulfill His plan to spread the Gospel.

This is why it is such a privilege to be part of the FIRSTLIGHT INTERNATIONAL network. Teams of international co-workers are planting churches, developing educational, health care, business, and agricultural projects, as well as the international intercessors who are penetrating the entire world through prayer. While some areas may be “closed” countries due to political reasons, but there are no limits recognized by God. When the “front door” closes to a nation, so to speak, there is always a “back door.”  The kingdom harvest cannot be stopped by governments.

Be awakened and positioned to catch the vision of an unlimited world.  Look at the harvest fields.  Weep over the cities as Jesus did.  See the world through the eyes of God.  His vision is global and His purpose is eternal from the foundations of the world.

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