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View from highway, Taoyuan airport to Taipei city

May 28, 2015

Ever since the construction of what i called “Double Decker Highway System” near Taipei, I had always prefer to ride on the upper deck. (You can see the upper deck in one of the photos.) The segment that connect Taipei City to the airport is what I use more than any other.

I’ve been wanting to get photos of various views from the upper deck. It is closer to the mountains and offers different perspective than the lower highways. Since i am home once every 3 months (that is 2 trips from and to airport), armed with a cell phone camera, you would think snapping some photos will be simple in this day and age. In reality, photos have been a bit elusive for most of 2014 and 2015.

For example, I always take the public bus from Taoyuan airport to the city. Sometimes, the bus opted for the lower deck for no reason… well, that means no photo. Periodically, I traveled at night – no photo. shaky hands, no photo. (ok, super blurry photo) Weather is too foggy, no photo. Sit on the wrong side of the bus, no photo. Rain too hard, no photo. Super dirty window- no photo. Cell phone not charged – no photo. Fell asleep on the bus because I just took a red eye – no photo and I missed my stop! Talk about Moby Dick moments… not as grandeur or epic, of course… but repeated failure still!

This month, my “tiny” persistence paid off with a huge dose of luck, I managed to get some satisfying photos so I know it is possible. Enjoy this “few and the proud” photos, I hope the next batch will be soon and better 🙂

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